A creative agency specialising in the education sector.

The education sector has become fiercely competitive in recent years. Now more than ever, Academies and Institutions are turning to marketing and creative agencies for help in improving their communications. As our education client list grows, so does our experience and our ability to deliver exactly what you require.

Client List

Our client base for the education sector has grown considerably over the past year.

We continue to deliver great content on projects and firmly believe the standard of our work is what ensures they come back to us and refer us to others. We work closely with Multi Academy Trust’s to help them achieve consistency across their schools.

New College Literature
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Graphic Design

  • Literature plays a very important part in the marketing of a school or college. It's what your prospective students take away with them and refer back to. The literature you distribute should represent your institution and everything you stand for, it should be a reflection of the education you provide and the facilities you have. If a prospective student is torn between two school choices, a decision will likely be made whilst comparing the literature from the two - ensure it's yours that stands out.
Rochdale Sixth Form Website
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Web Design

  • Your website is the first port of call for any prospective student. A student will research their options ahead of visiting, it's therefore imperative your website makes an impression on them. Mobile access to websites overtook desktop for the first time in September 2016 across all users, this percentage will be even higher for Generation Z. Because of this, your website must be responsive and translate well on a mobile device and tablet. As with the literature, your website should be a representation of your school and ethos.
Rochdale Sixth Form Application
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App Development

  • You'll be hard pushed to find a student without a smart phone glued to their hard. What if you could take their school planner and put it onto their phone? What if you could have a notification platform built into your website which allows you to put messages directly into their hands onto the device the continuously monitor? We can help you do just that. Our student companion app removes the need for costly annual printed student planners. With the notification platform there's no need to pay for text outs every time you want to tell students something, you can send up to 1 million push notifications out every year - for free!
New College Social Media
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Marketing Support

  • We live in a digital age. Conventional routes to market are becoming redundant. Where schools and colleges would usually take out a newspaper advert at a cost of £500 - £1000, with a circulation of 10,000 of which around 5 - 10% is their target demographic (1000 people), this number can be reached on social media for a cost of £10 - with guaranteed results. We can offer social media support and content curation, Google PPC and YouTube advertising, campaign planning, market research and much more.

Video Production

Video is a great way of illustrating what life at your institution is like. It gives an insight into the day-to-day environment and allows you to use your own students to help sell your school for you. People buy into people so if we can show dedicated students working alongside caring staff it will really help portray the ethos of the school. Promotional videos make great supporting material for events and provide excellent content for your website and social media channels.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics help illustrate processes and get across messages without the need for lengthy videos or explanations. They can convey information in a way that is easy to follow and understand where a video or still image would fall flat. Video and motion content has now completely taken over social media – engagement on posts with movement will be significantly higher than that of an image. Increased engagement from your audience means increased exposure at no cost.